Recognize the Characteristics of Indigo Children in Your Children

The characteristics of indigo children are generally believed to have special abilities that are different from ordinary children. The uniqueness of indigo children is related to their ability to respond to the supernatural world, as well as their unique character compared to children their age. Some indigo children are believed to have the ability to be paranormal, for example, can read other people's thoughts and telepathy. In addition, indigo children are usually more creative and caring than their peers. Apart from this privilege, there is no specific medical research on the characteristics of indigo children, to ensure all the presumptions trusted by society so far. In fact, the truth about the existence of indigo children themselves is still questionable, so it is not surprising that many people do not believe in this phenomenon. High sensitivity owned by indigo children can also be owned by ordinary children. Even so, what about the characteristics of indigo children wh
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